Italy is an excellent place for you to take your classic car for that amazing road trip experience. The opportunity to drive through vast swathes of beautiful countryside, visit picturesque villages and enjoy the excellent cuisine should not be missed.

A good starting point for this road trip is the city of Turin. By coincidence, it is also the home of FIAT – perfect for any car enthusiast! A night in this city should not be missed, and there is plenty to see and do while you are here. The next day head on to the city of Piedmont, which is not actually that far away from Turin but this is a great place to stop over. The city is known for its wine, and it is where the Slow Food movement was founded.

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From there you can hop in your classic car and visit the region of Parma, where you can indulge in the ham of the same name and a vast range of locally produced cheeses and wines. Again, this is a location that will please a car enthusiast as it is the home of the Lamborghini brand.

The city of Florence is next, and it is packed with museums and art galleries that you should not miss out on before you move on to the next stop – Rome, the country’s capital city. There are plenty of cultural attractions here, so it is worth spending a couple of days here before you move on.

Finally, head on to Naples, one of the largest cities in the country and packed with attractions and plenty of places where you can enjoy the local cuisine. It is a good idea to make the most of a road trip like this and spread it out over 14 days – anything less, and you might miss out on a few of the must-see attractions.