Buying from an auction or a dealer is much easier than buying privately, mainly because you don’t actually have to go out and source the car yourself. There are advantages and disadvantages to all methods, but if you want to purchase a classic car from a private seller, you will have to put in a bit more work.


One of the advantages of buying a car from a private seller is that you deal directly with them so you can avoid the additional fees that are added in an auction, or the higher prices so that a dealer can make a good profit.

The seller will also be able to tell you much more about the car, as they are the owners, and are the ones who have been driving it. They will know if it is the sort of car you just get out of the garage on special occasions or if it is suitable for a road trip! They will be keen to know what you want from the car, as they will want to be sure that it goes to a good home. And if you buy from a genuine enthusiast, you can be sure that the car will be in reasonably good condition, as they are more likely to have taken care of it.


It is undoubtedly harder to find the car you want this way. You have to spend plenty of time scouring small ads and the internet. Some sellers might only post an ad on one site or in one newspaper. You could miss out on a fantastic deal!

You should make sure that you also check out all claims made by the seller. Get the car checked over thoroughly, especially if you think the price is too good to be true.